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Let's Feel Better @ Work.


Work sucks sometimes. Let's feel a bit better.



ergo consultations

that are 


to you.


Imagine this: Starting your work day on a GREAT note because you LOVE where you work.


Your space inspires you, feels tailor-made to your preferences, and is a comfortable and energizing place to work.


Your body feels supported and comfortable when you’re working, leaving you to focus on what matters. No more nagging pains and aches as you’re able to deliver your best work .


Your work day feels organized and intentional - you’re in control. 


You feel balanced with work and energy.


You’re productive and enthusiastic during work hours, and have energy even after your day is over.


You feel healthy and active, not just for the short term, but in the long run.


You saved so much money in the long run, instead of spending it on chiropractors and medical bills, expensive ergo products that don’t work.


You have peace of mind knowing you’ve optimized your workday, which takes up almost ⅓ of your day, and you feel knowledgeable and confident about your own working comfort so you can replicate this anywhere you work.

If those all sound fantastic to you, I want you to know that it’s possible.


Ergonomics is one of the only approaches that takes care of both your physical and mental health needs at work, providing a truly holistic approach to creating a workspace and a work experience that just rocks.


You’ll find that when you start prioritizing your body, consciously redesigning your space to take care of your needs, your work life just transforms. 


You start working WITH the flow, not against it. 


And when you’re more comfortable and happy with your space, you actually start delivering better results at work, and work more productively and creatively. 


Makes sense right?


Many of us work on autopilot, and we never take the steps to make our work lives better. It’s definitely daunting to do it on your own, having to navigate all that information on the web, and the minefield of “ergonomic” products.


A professional ergonomist would make this journey and transition a whole lot smoother, by applying their expertise, experience, and know-how to take that guesswork out and deliver solutions that WORK.


That’s why my program, The Ergo Edit, is a fast-track, no-nonsense way to get you THAT much closer to your DREAM workspace. 

"Night and day difference"

Sara had been feeling back pain yadda yadda yadda

She reached out to The Ergo Edit and kick started her consulation.

Image by Dan

Sara, Founder of CoCreate

The way we work isn’t working. 


Across the world, humans are working more hours with fewer boundaries, sitting in unnatural positions and ending the day with tight shoulders, hurt wrists and tense necks. 


Maybe you’ve found a hack or two to make your life easier: Raising your monitor on a stack of books, dedicating a corner of your living room to office space, setting alarms to remind you to get up and move around. 


Yet still you might feel uncomfortable throughout your work day. If so, you’re not alone — 74% of people experience pain at their desks at least a few times a week.


Historically, ergonomics has focused pretty tightly on efficiency. And let’s be clear: feeling comfortable in your work space will probably make you more productive. But as an ergonomist, I’m much more interested in a holistic approach. 


Instead of just focusing on what chair to buy or whether you should get a standing desk, together we’ll look at the whole picture: Your specific working style, pain points, space, aesthetic, and how and where you spend most of your working time. (Don’t worry, we’ll also talk about standing desks and decide what chair you should buy.)


In the end, you’ll leave with:

  • Clarity around how to design a supportive workspace (at home or in the office)

  • Confidence that you’re making the best purchasing decisions

  • Personalized solutions   

  • An empowered mindset and the ability to advocate for your work needs

  • Knowledge around your anatomy 

  • Concrete next steps

  • Things you can do immediately to improve your posture

Pricing, yo.

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