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As an adverb, weird is only used to modify verbs, and is always positioned after the verb it modifies. Unlike weirdly, it cannot modify an adjective (as in "She was weirdly generous.") or an entire sentence (as in "Weirdly, no-one spoke up.").


The sense of "uncanny, supernatural" developed from Middle English use of weird sisters for the three Fates or Norns (in Germanic mythology), the goddesses who controlled human destiny. They were portrayed as odd or frightening in appearance, as in "Macbeth" (and especially in 18th and 19th century productions of it), which led to the adjectival meaning "odd-looking, uncanny" (1815); "odd, strange, disturbingly different" (1820). Also see Macbeth. Related: Weirdly; weirdness.

Shor initially tried to work out an answer to a question Bennett posed to the audience: How can the protocol be proven mathematically to indeed be secure? The problem, however, was too thorny, and Shor abandoned the question, though not the subject. He followed the efforts of his colleagues in the growing field of quantum information science, eventually landing on a paper by physicist Daniel Simon, who proposed something truly weird: that a system of quantum computing bits could solve a particular problem exponentially faster than a classical computer.

Now, more than any other time, the appetite for these sorts of games is at its greatest. My goal is still to present a no-nonsense approach to gameplay, with a slick and streamlined rules set that is both familiar and new, that enables novices and veterans to come to the table and tell interesting and exciting stories with the help of a game master. Shadow of the Weird Wizard has been thoroughly play-tested, picked apart, built, rebuilt, and sanded so that the game now sings. Weird Wizard lets you play any kind of character you can imagine, from clockwork mages slinging fireballs, to strange sorcerers who consult with diabolical powers, to sprites able to shrink themselves to minuscule size, or even gunsmiths, swashbucklers, divine avatars, and so much more. You can tell stories of high adventure, gritty steampunkery, dark fantasy, light fantasy, magic-rich mayhem, weird tales of the bizarre, and anything else you can imagine. is an ongoing exploration into all facets of the weird, from the classics to the next generation of weird writers and international weird. Reviews, interviews, short essays, comics, and occasional fiction.

Geologists had to wait more than 25 years to see the rest of Caloris, and when they did it turned out to be even bigger than they had thought. But the fact that Caloris was only half in sunlight was fortuitous in one sense, because it meant that the spot on Mercury that was exactly opposite the area of the Caloris impact was also partially in sunlight. That spot looks weird. In fact, this area has been referred to since Mariner 10 as the "weird terrain" on Mercury. And MESSENGER's orbital path has finally taken it over the weird terrain to get a good view: 041b061a72


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