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Ryan Hill

Subtitle Tangled

Hi. I wanted to ask if anyone has got the german subtitle for Tangled(German dub). I have tried downloading the subtitles but they are not synced. Perhaps, it's because the original movie and dubbed version has some timing difference.

subtitle Tangled

Originally called Rapunzel (and released in Asia and parts of Europe with said name instead, while earning the subtitle "A Tangled Tale"), it is still based on the classic fairy tale and is also still a straight-up fairy tale film, despite what that new title might indicate. It introduces the first CG Disney Princess. She was supposed to be the last Disney Princess of the franchise, until Merida showed up.

Languages Available in: The download links above has Tangledsubtitles in Arabic, Bengali, Big 5 Code, Brazillian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chinese Bg Code, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi Persian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese Languages. 041b061a72


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