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Alvin Superstar 2

Scoring his eleventh career number one opening and seventh in a row,Will Smith ruled the box office with ease with the new sci-fi smash IAm Legend which commanded a staggering $77.2M on its first weekend,according to final studio figures,to rank as the superstar's biggest debut ever by a wide margin. Averaginga sensational $21,412 from 3,606 theaters, the PG-13 film also broke therecord for the biggest December bow in history edging past the $72.6M of2003's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of theKing. Also impressive was the fact that Legenddelivered the fifth best non-summer debut ever behind a trio of HarryPotter films which all were November launches and ThePassion of the Christ which was a February release. At thistime of year, movie openings don't get much bigger than this.

Alvin Superstar 2

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In just three days, Legend grossedas much as last weekend's top fifteen films combined and helped to powerthis weekend's top ten to its best performance since early August. Withno co-stars, no well-known director, and no other bells and whistles, IAm Legend's success relied completely on Will Smith's shouldersand the superstar proved how bankable he really is by blasting past eventhe highest industry expectations this weekend. The former Fresh Princeis well on his way to enjoying his seventh consecutive $250M+ global grosser.No other star comes close to this achievement right now. 041b061a72


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