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Welcome to The Ergo Edit.


Turning the dream of feeling better at work 
into reality.

Navigating work life is hard enough as is. Who has time to choose between hundreds of chairs and desks, while dealing with nagging neck and back pain, when you have actual work to constantly stay on top of?

If you're ready to stop playing the guessing game with your work life, take proactive care of your body and health, and design a workspace that works for you - I got your back.


Heart-centered ergonomic consultations that are hyper-personalized

to you.


Furniture choices that won't break the bank

Postures that won't break your back

Finding balance in your work life

About your ergonomist

Hi! I'm Jenny. You're in good hands :)

  • A decade of ergonomic experience, ranging from professionally consulting Fortune 500 companies, hands-on training for thousands of people, from home to commercial office spaces, laboratories, hospitals, factories, and even theme parks

  • Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) through the only certifying board in the US (BCPE)

  • B.S. in Design & Environmental Analysis, concentration in Human Factors & Ergonomics  from Cornell University

  • Deeply committed to helping people improve their work lives physically and mentally

  • Creative thinker who likes to find out-of-the-box, unique, and personalized solutions

  • Excited to make ergonomics more fun and accessible

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It's time to uplevel your (work) life

Imagine days free of pain, waking up with no aches, or ending the day without chronic pain.

No more trial-and-error or second-guessing when buying furniture and tools

The holistic experience



get rid of pains, aches, and fatigue - and learn to prevent them!


cultivate an inspiring and functional environment that supports and nourishes you.


prioritize sustainable work, resist grind culture, and feel good about the work day.

Sure, you can google Best Ergonomic Chairs 2022 🔎 But something tells me you're here because you want to dive deeper.

Lucky for you, I'm all about going 🕵🏻‍♀️Sherlockian on your whole setup. 

You see, ergonomics isn't just about recommending products. My brand of ✨HOLISITIC ERGONOMICS✨ is all about integrating your body with your space through a deeper understanding of HOW you work. And throw in a bit of self care in there as well. 

It's 2022 and you STILL hate your workspace? Come on, we don't need to live like this. 
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