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Working from home full-time?

Ergonomics that

works for you.

Providing personalized, holistic ergonomic consultations that prioritizes your health & wellbeing at work.

Okay, so you're suddenly working from home more than ever before.

Noticing more back, neck, and shoulder pain?

Tired of feeling fatigued all day?

Overwhelmed with the sea of "ergo" equipment and information out there and need help figuring out what works best for you?

Do you feel that you can improve your setup, but just don't know where to start?

You good. I got your back.


how ergonomics can work for you

Ergonomics sits at the intersection of anatomy, biomechanics, design, and psychology - it's all about understanding the unique nature of work and human capability. It's both a science and a human-centered design method.

it understands that everyone is different, has unique work needs, requirements, and ways of working. And in the times of COVID, we all have drastically different ways we're making our workspaces at home.

If you have back, neck, and shoulder pain - or discomforts anywhere - ergonomics can help identify the source of the issue and make changes to the environment to better support your body's needs. 

If you're mentally fatigued or burnt out - ergonomics can help prioritize your physical and mental well-being by designing more effective work days and systems to help you work SMARTER, not harder.

If you're feeling disorganized and overwhelmed, yup, that's something we can tackle on a human factors standpoint to better streamline your day and personalize a unique game plan.

Ergonomics is PREVENTATIVE and PROACTIVE. When done well, and with the right resources, people will feel ready to tackle the day.

ergonomics is preventative and proactive.




Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, I want to first provide you with the basic building blocks of ergonomics. My goal here is to leave you with knowledge that you can take with  you anywhere, and apply it any workstation. So the first step is building a solid foundation of HOW your body works in relation to your setup, and the key factors to look out for.



You will get a personalized report summarizing your assessment, as well as takeaway tips for future reference. 

I will also follow-up with you to ensure positive changes moving forward, and am on call for a month after our assessment with any questions you might have.



Next, we take a look at your own setup and working habits. We'll have a conversation about how your typical workday looks, and discuss any special requirements you have. I'll break down my observations into what you're doing well, and what can be improved. I'll leave you with actionable steps you can do IMMEDIATELY to help your concerns, and we will discuss additional tools or equipment needed to further improve.



Coming soon! I'm hoping to create a library of fun modules to help everyone get the low-down on ergo. This will include a 101 on work postures, how to pick the right office chair, desk, monitor set-up, and leave you with tools to know how to set up any workstation to fit YOU.




It's me, Jenny, your ergo nerd from afar. For over 6 years, I've professionally consulted for major Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, laboratories, government agencies, (and even theme parks!!) both in the US and Asia.

I've directly helped thousands of people feel and work more comfortably, and over time have seen countless unique cases that have improved.


I'm here to give you no-nonsense, creative, hyper-personalized, and actionable ergonomic tips and consultations to ensure you feel GOOD while working and take care of your bodies. As a creative thinker, I'm excited to bring a human-centered and unique solutions that will be the best fit for YOU.

Certified with the Board of Certifications in Professional Ergonomics, B.S. in Design & Environmental Analysis - Human Factors and Ergonomics from Cornell University.

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Forget what you've seen and read about ergonomics. Most people like to dive right into equipment, but I'm here to keep the focus on your body and your comfort before getting to the rest.


It's not about having all the tools, it's how you use it! Don't cave into pressure to buy the most expensive, high-end ergonomic furniture and equipment you come across. Knowing how your body works and how to set up the workstation is key.


Traditional ergonomics is so dry and boring. We're not about that. I'm aiming to educate in a radical way that keeps it fun and memorable so you'll actually remember these principles and take them with you wherever you go.



Your situation:
Select an option:


Get help right away!

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire and survey

  • One 1:1 call with Jenny 

    • deep dive into ​working habits & needs

    • assessment of current working habits

    • personalized recommendations for  postural and behavioral change

    • training  for future ergonomic success

    • discussion on healthy and personalized work  strategies

  • Detailed report​

    • assessment notes and summary

    • immediate, mid, and long term game plan

    • recommendations for improvement

    • postures guide

    • buying guide

  • Email access for 4 weeks to troubleshoot and answer any other stray questions​

  • 1 email follow-up within 6 weeks to  check for improvement



An in-depth, high-touch service to build out your dream workspace with full ergo, design, and concierge support 

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire and survey

  • 3 rounds of 1:1 calls with Jenny 

    • 1st call: deeper dive into ​working habits & needsassessment of current working habits

    • 2nd call: discuss your holistic personalized strategy, make immediate changes, discuss future action

  • Detailed report​

  • Email access for 6 weeks to troubleshoot and answer any other stray questions​

  • (optional) Concierge service to help select and buy additional products within your budget

  • Last 1:1 call to ensure complete satisfaction and noticeable improvement

  • **If you do not feel any improvement, I will offer you a refund.



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